Wholesale Setup Process

Thanks for your interest in selling Nashi Home Resinware.

We have partnered with Brandwise Marketime to manage our Wholesale platform.

Please carefully follow the onboarding process:
Step 1- Setup Passport Account- https://shopnashihomeus.bwweb.net/

Step 2- Register for a Brandwise personal passport to shop online.

Step 3- Connect Business to the above Passport Account

Step 4- Send Business Request to Nashi Home Resinware Australia LLC
Step 5- Nashi Home Resinware Australia  will then review and approve the business request.
Step 6- You can start Shopping.

If you require further instructions for creating a Brandwise Passport: Please click
on MarketTime Support Center.

Please advise us if you are a retailer, designer or online store as pricing may vary.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can supply your store especially if we are already represented in your specific area. However we will try our best to accommodate you.